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Operated from a comfortable cab with advanced controls, these machines ensure precise movements and efficient performance across various terrains. Regular maintenance keeps them in top condition, ensuring reliability and longevity on demanding projects. Excavators are indispensable tools, embodying power, precision, and essential support in construction and development.

hitachi zx55 Excavator

Our machines come in a variety of sizes including:

- 5 Tonne

- 8 Tonne

- 13 Tonne

- 25 Tonne

- 30 Tonne

- 40 Tonne

- 50 Tonne

With a diverse array of attachments including:

- Batter Buckets

- General Purpose Buckets

- Rake Buckets

- Trench Buckets

Additionally, our excavators are equipped with GPS technology for precise positioning and final trim work, ensuring accuracy and efficiency on every project. 

MTS excavators are trusted for their reliability, versatility, and superior performance.

Contact us today to find out more. 

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